Encounter Cozumel's marine life on a Diving Trip mexico-city, Mexico

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Encounter Cozumel's marine life on a Diving Trip Mexico City, Mexico

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During your trip to Mexico, consider the stunning and unforgettable experience of diving in Cozumel. At BlueProject you will be brought to crystal clear locations teeming with vibrant and fascinating aquatic creatures. From sea turtles to impressive coral reefs, the fast, small boats we use will get you to each dive spot quickly. We come out to meet you and discuss your dive goals to plan the best trip for you and your group. You will be able to make multiple computer-assisted dives, and an assortment of snacks and beverages will be available during surface intervals.

BLUEProject - valet diving provides a personalized service for their divers. We do our very best to meet the expectations of each and every diver. We also want to help you to enjoy your time above water as much as you can, from helping you to prepare your trip, to making the most of the island while you are here.

 BLUE Project Dive shop.

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