Educating people on culture, reading and writing antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Alas De Guatemala

Educating people on culture, reading and writing Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

ALAS de Guatemala  008551203

ALAS provides Guatemalan families the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives through education and access to family planning and reproductive health.

Vision: A Guatemala where everyone reproductive age, or close to it has:

Suitable knowledge and full access to reproductive health and family planning;
Freedom to use family planning methods, without any religious or cultural repression;
Ability to use family planning methods safely and healthily; and
Ability to discuss openly and comfortably reproductive issues with your partner and / or their parents.

Donations from people like you allow ALAS can continue providing education and reproductive health services for families throughout Guatemala.

Your donation will be used for:

  • Educate women, men, and young Guatemalans on sexual and reproductive health.
  • Increasing access to family planning methods and subsidized low cost cervical cancer screening
  • Providing men, women, and youth information and skills they need to advocate for family planning and reproductive health in their own communities
  • Training organizations, educators and health care providers to provide better education and better reproductive health services.


 ALAS de Guatemala.

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