Eco Hotel turtle sanctuary el-cuco, El Salvador

La Tortuga Verde

Eco Hotel turtle sanctuary El Cuco, El Salvador

La Tortuga Verde  007071041

La Tortuga Verde is a hostel/hotel, restaurant, health spa, turtle sanctuary, yoga center, pelican retreat, coconut plantation, sustainable practicing, student educational facility, and marina spread over 3 oceanfront properties all within a short walking distance of one another located in the quaint fishing village of Playa El Esteron – Intipuca Beach, El Salvador, just down the beach from the famous world class surf spot of Las Flores.!!

La Tortuga Verde is dedicated to the idea of recycling, composting, lessening ones carbon footprint, and living a cleaner greener lifestyle in harmony with sea turtles, birds, lizards and all marine life. The owner of the property has been surfing since the age of 12 and so the La Tortuga Verde connection with the ocean and having a positive impact on it is more than a focus…. it’s a lifestyle.

Architecturally, with respect to the lighting of the project, the property is a study in indirect lighting with an emphasis on turtle habitat awareness. What this means is that all lights visible from the ocean are red in color (turtles can’t see red lights) and no matter where you are on the property all light bulbs stronger than 7 watts are hidden from having a direct impact on the iris (that’s the little part inside your eye that opens and closes to let light in) thus allowing your iris to move slowly through it’s natural process which creates a constant state of relaxation .

With respect to the design and layout of the buildings and vegetation the project is a study in airflow and air cleansing. All of the rooms, bungalows, and houses have been built with large floor to ceiling screened-in patios made of all natural materials. In this way the sound of the ocean constantly whispers throughout the property and into every sleeping accommodation. Green ground cover is planted everywhere possible in an effort to cleanse the delicious ocean air before you breathe it. All coconuts that are not consumed on the property are replanted in our coconut plantation under our “No Coconut Left Behind” program”.

Visitors are encouraged to take a sprouting coconut trees home and replant them. The property boasts over 400 coconut trees, 40 mango trees and many marenon, tamarindo and cucoa trees.
“Ask not what your habitat can do for you but what you can do for your habitat.”

 La Tortuga Verde.

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