Diving with two to three tanks in Cozumel cozumel, Mexico

Buena Ventura Diving

Diving with two to three tanks in Cozumel Cozumel, Mexico

Buena Ventura Diving  0058696

Buena Ventura Diving is licenced and certified to provide scuba diving and snorkeling within the National Marine Park. We are registered with the Port Captain and hold all business permits.

All trips leave from the marina “Caleta” at 9am, unless you would like a different departure time. It takes about 25 minutes to motor to Palancar/Columbia area. Expect a complete dive briefing on the way including what to expect at entry, descent, bottom time, reef overview, and ascent and boarding the Eco diver. Our dive spots are NOT preplanned. We try to stay away from the crowds and take into consideration what specifically the divers are interested in. Expect to follow a computer profile and your bottom time depends on your air consumption. We do not take all our divers up at the first sign of a low tank, rather escort that diver to the surface and continue on. We spend an hour surface interval at a beach with fruit, plenty of water and good conversation. The second shallower dive is done at a different reef and if you are doing a third tank, we will take you to a beach area where you can get a bite to eat. If two tanks is good enough, we head back to the marina where you leave your equipment with us to take care of.

 Buena Ventura Diving.

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