Discover Scuba Diving mexico-city, Mexico

Cozumel Marine World

Discover Scuba Diving Mexico City, Mexico

Cozumel Marine World  01300353

Experience the amazing under water world, try scuba diving today and change your life forever!

If you are healthy and if you are able to swim and float, you need nothing else to start. The course is the first step in the open water course and is divided into three parts: knowledge review, shallow water practice and an open water dive which can be credited toward your open water certification.

Cozumel is one of the top destinations for diving in the world, clear water (visibility over 100 ft) , warm 78 0f to 84 0f , incredible coral formations, great walls, canyons, shallow reefs with colorful fish, turtles, eagle rays, moray eels, sharks, the endemic “Cozumel splendid toad fish”, and many more made the dream dive vacation we want to have. 

Your diving education with “Jorge Marin” will be the best complement of your dive experience while you are here. Our commitment is to provide the greatest diving experiences, considering safety, fun and superior learning experiences. 

 Cozumel Marine World.

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