Discover paragliding in a full course of flights in Argentina buenos-aires, Argentina

Parapente Buenos Aires

Discover paragliding in a full course of flights in Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina

Parapente Buenos Aires  00305688

Paragliding courses 

Initiation Course Paragliding: 5 Steps

1. Practice on land consisting in paragliding inflation control, takeoff and landing simulation. (Recognition of the team)

2. Theory of meteorology, aerodynamics and flight techniques.

3. Air Contact in tandem flight takes command.

4 The student takes a series of ten flights, assisted by radio, which are divided into passive and active flights (downhill techniques, spiral, ear and asymmetric folded, C-band control, precision landing control).

5 The student makes mountain flights assisted by instructors.

The school provides with latest equipment with maximum safety.

Courses of maximum security created for people who want to ride in super-safe glider by candles alone to solve all kinds of problems. These courses can be held in Buenos Aires every day.

We travel all types of mountainous areas either students to people who want to fly in tandem with our instructors.

How long does the course? two months.

Includes mountain excursions not include transportation or accommodation, introduction control guided flight takeoff and landing (full adaptation). 15 flights environment in Buenos Aires.

 Parapente Buenos Aires.

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