Discover Bolivia on a vintage Jawa motorbike sucre, Bolivia

Los Jaweros

Discover Bolivia on a vintage Jawa motorbike Sucre, Bolivia

Los Jaweros  008871243

Ever wanted to write your own motorcycle diaries? Now you can. 

With Los Jaweros you will ride a vintage JAWA motorbike through the breath-taking landscapes of Bolivia, on a route that can be determined on your own. If you believe there aren’t more new places to be discovered in this world, you will be pleasantly surprised! Los Jaweros will take you off the beaten track to give you an authentic Bolivian experience that is bristling with adventure. 

This is what Los Jaweros is all about. You decide where you want to go and for how long. You may also just drive off and make those decisions on the go. Many roads are not mapped and will only be discovered along the way, some of them only remotely resemble roads as you know them. Of course we are happy to assist you with your route planning. For the trip we will provide you with a mechanic, who can make sure that you will get to wherever you want to go. If you're not confident with your Spanish, we can also send a translator with you.


Motorbike rent (incl. maintenance for normal wear and tear)
Mechanic (and guide)
Pre-trip suppor

 Los Jaweros.

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