Cross the Paracas Desert on a Biking Tour ica, Peru

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Cross the Paracas Desert on a Biking Tour Ica, Peru

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When the Paracas Trans desert bike trip was planned the first time we never imagined what was waiting for us. After that we believe this option fits into the Off The Beaten Trail for bike touring enthusiasts.

This bike tour starts from Pisco. At 8am the adventure begins pedaling and scorted by the 4x4 support vehicle going southward across the Paracas National Reserve. On the way we visit the local site Museum to see the amazing Paracas culture and archaeological findings.

The bike ride continues along the coast across a moon like territory alternating views of the sea and the desert with amazing sections including climbs, descents, hills and dunes down to Laguna Grande fishermen village where we stop and rest for a little bit. We recommended you order a delicious fish and seafood lunch in a local family restaurant.

On the way we will visit and explore a number of sites and beaches like: Lagunillas, Yumaque, Supay, Las Salinas, Playon, Mendieta, etc.; rocky formations: Cathedral; mountains and sand dunes; wildlife observations: flamingos, sea lions, otters, sea birds and with some luck condors, etc. At Laguna Grande we will live a cultural immersion experience by learning about the real life of the people living from the sea in an ancient settlement occupied by generations.

In the afternoon we return on the CTP Rover support vehicle to Paracas where the tour ends.

 Peru Cycling.

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