Cozumel Chef Food Tours of Mexican cuisine cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Chef

Cozumel Chef Food Tours of Mexican cuisine Cozumel, Mexico

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Take your taste buds for a tour! Welcome to Cozumel and Cozumel Chef’s Food Tours of Mexican cuisine. Mexican cuisine is known for its varied flavors, vibrant colors and variety of spices and ingredients. The cuisine is a blend of indigenous (Mayan/Aztec) and European elements (mainly Spanish); on this tiny island you will be sure to find it all! On our food tours you will get an opportunity to taste a variety of dishes, ranging from traditional street fare to the regional cuisine of the Yucatán.

You will visit Cozumel’s local restaurants that are far from the tourist main-stays. Tours are all-inclusive and intimate. Be sure to bring an empty stomach, even though these are tastings you will leave quite full. Cruise ship passengers and tourist staying on the island are highly encouraged to see and taste Cozumel on one or all of these unique food tour excursions. Come, eat and find out what makes Mexican food so great!

*Visit El Mercado, a traditional Mexican Market.
*Savor empanadas, a favorite Latin American snack.
*Refresh with a REAL Mexican Cola or aqua Jamaica.
*Feast on home-cooked Yucatecán food in a cocina economica (a special kind of restaurant) & more!

 Cozumel Chef.

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