Climbing the limestone cliffs of Los Morros de San Juan caracas, Venezuela

Climbing Venezuela

Climbing the limestone cliffs of Los Morros de San Juan Caracas, Venezuela

Climbing Venezuela  00620948

Climbing in Los Morros de San Juan:

Outside the capital of Guárico, San Juan de los Morros state, is one of the most beautiful formations and towering limestone of Venezuela: The Natural Monument "Aristides Rojas" - Los Morros de San Juan. Here are many rock walls and blocks isolated where you can practice various forms of rock climbing.

The tour consists of a climbing the "Morro de Monkeys" a route of 5.7-5.8 level (American scale) of about 120m of altitude. During the tour three (3) long that have cracks, shelves, plates, etc., up to the summit of the hill, from where you can see the beginning of guariqueño level and enjoy lunch are exceeded. Then walk down to the base thereof to address our vehicles.


To Be 15 years or older. In case of a minor, the representative shall authorize the activity.
Previous climbing experience (without limitation) are recomiena.
Report any personal health problem or disability before the activity.

 Climbing Venezuela.

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