Cave Tubing in Belize City ciudad-de-belice, Belize

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Cave Tubing in Belize City Ciudad de Belice, Belize

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Our Cave Tubing Tour package includes transportation, life vests, tubes and head lamps, tour guide, national park fees and refreshments and lunch. Approximately 4 hours is required for this tour. You'll spend about 2 hours traveling to and from the Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve in one of our air conditioned bus or van. After reaching the Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve you will hike for about 30 minutes through the Belize Rain Forest and through a couple dry caves until you come to the opening of the first cave through which the underground Caves Branch river flows. This is where the REAL fun begins as you will be assisted in getting into your inner tube to begin floating through the caves. It's a short but amazing journey of about 45 minutes to an hour. Our new tubes with headrest are now linked or tied so there is no need to hold on to someone else's feet.

What to Bring Along on Your Belize Cave Tubing Adventure
Bring along sneakers or tenis shoes, water shoes, and towels. Don't forget your sun block and extra clothes. A water proof camera may also come in handy as you will have many opportunities to take great pictures of this fun and memorable cave tubing tour.

Our guides are famous for going above and beyond to ensure that you are well taken care of every step of the way and for keeping you well entertained on what could otherwise be a boaring bus ride.

Who Should Book With Us?

  1. Anyone who wants to have fun
  2. Cruise ship passengers
  3. Overnight Guests

We have never disappointed anyone. Our goal is to give all our customers the best Belize cave tubing tour experience. We make cave tubing in Belize FUN and SAFE for everyone. We especially weclome families with children. no age restrictions.

 Adventours Belize.

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