Canyoning in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic jarabacoa, Republica Dominicana

Jarabacoa Adventures

Canyoning in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic Jarabacoa, Republica Dominicana

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The canyoning is an adventure activity that involves descending the river bed without help from boats or other vessels.
Often, they are a little rivers  that allow most of the walking tour, with many times of swimming an several jumps to the  pools and jumps rope descents.

The difficulty level varies depending on the river. Right now we are offering two options:

Descent of the River Lemon (Las Terrenas): In the town of Limon, known for its beautiful jump; the descent down the river Limón is low difficulty, without descents with jumping rope and little difficulty, so that the whole family can enjoy the beautiful landscapes that crosses.

Drop Baiguate River (Jarabacoa): Lowering the river, passing Baiguate Jarabacoa, is an activity of medium difficulty including rope descents with walls up to 20 meters. This activity requires moderate physical condition and therefore is not recommended for elderly or in poor health.

The price of canyoning is $ 50 per person.


 Jarabacoa Adventures.

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