Camping and Kayaking Trip to Mamey Island colon, Panama

Aventuras Panama

Camping and Kayaking Trip to Mamey Island Colón, Panama

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Mamey Island,  is a place full of peace and quiet to relax and unwind a bit, not to the complete isolation, since it is a fairly accessible. People are very friendly and there is a beautiful landscape, characteristic of our Panama. This is a small island (about 4000 m2) in the Costa Arriba of Colon province, just 200 meters from shore and just over one nautical mile from the community of Puerto Lindo. Part of Portobelo National Park. To the east is the larger island and beyond Linton, Isla Grande.

We will pick you up at your Panama City hotel lobby at 7:00 am and head northeast reaching  La Guaira two hours later. It is from there that we can pack our  kayaks with gear and warm up by paddling over to nearby Isla Grande. We stop for lunch at this gorgeous spot, do a some stretching, and even taking some time to check out the charming little town. When we are done with Isla Grande we turn our attention to Mamey Island.

Along the way we pass Cabra and Linton Islands, and may have some time to explore the coral reefs, mangroves, and some coastal areas of the island before heading ashore and setting up camp around 4 PM. By 6 PM that evening will all be relaxing around a cozy camp fire and getting rested for our next day of paddling

 Aventuras Panama.

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