Bungee Jump over Colorado River santiago-de-chile, Chile

Mundo Dinamo

Bungee Jump over Colorado River Santiago De Chile, Chile

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World Dinamo in Chile, giving you the chance to experience one of the most exciting experiences of your life, as it is bungee jumping. Reach Out! to feel the freedom of the air in freefall, testing your nerves and bounds!

Bungee To practice as an extreme sport, you do not need experience, and most demanding decide to launch first. After the first jump is performed, what comes is given the opportunity to continue to enjoy adrenaline rushing, passion, windy and strong emotions to the extreme!

Did you know that the Jumping Bungee lies within the oldest sports? Its origin comes from Oceania to be a rite that was to prove that he had gone from being a child to a brave teenager, and the best way was jumping from towers canes with heights up to 25 meters carrying a vine rope tied to his ankles.

The Bungee Jumping, often written and known as "bungy, Benji, bengee, bunji, bunjy, vengee, venlli, venlly, eurobungy, eurobungee and eurobunji, among other varientes not support weak or timid spirits high, since vacuum launched a challenge to one's limits.
Bungee jumping is almost launched from amazing heights with ankles tied to a bungee cord. When the person jumps, the cord will stretch to assume the energy of the fall, then the subject will rise and fall until the initial energy of the jump disappears.

currently the same type of cable used in parachutes used. This bearing rope tons, is what is attached to a harness attached to the chest or feet risky individual, and the league at a time is tied to a bridge or a launching pad.

 Mundo Dinamo.

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