Bungee jump in the Rio Dulce! rio-dulce, Guatemala

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Bungee jump in the Rio Dulce! Rio Dulce, Guatemala

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Have you ever bungee jumped? You didn’t think this could happen to you… but there are no coincidences. Experience the intense rush of free falling down the Río Dulce bridge... before you know it, you’ll be swinging back up to the sky. But don’t worry, the cords slow the jumper gradually - no sudden jerks. Special harnesses are used which allow you to swan dive, back dive, or flip, combined with a dip into the water! Imagine the feeling… wow!

A fun activity for the adventurer or a group of friends, and the perfect Bachelor parting gift but you will ALL have to jump! If he is able to jump, he’ll be able to walk down the alter…!


  • 1 jump
  • Video of your jump!
  • Professional gear and equipment
  • Experts and professionals in bungee jumping 

Not included:

  • Transportation

More Info:

  • This offer requires a minimum of 10 people. Get your group together and purchase your group bungee jump experience here!
  • Betweeen 3-6 bungee cords are used, depending on the weight of the jumper. These cords have a tensile strenght of 1,500 lbs. per cord. The jumper is attached to the cords using four locking steel carabiners attached both to waist and chest harnesses. All equipment is inspected frequently and the cords are replaced after a specific number of jumps. In over 3,000 jumps there have been no accidents. 

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  1. Melissa Picén

    Hola. Esta experiencia no incluye traslado a Río Dulce y de vuelta a la ciudad? .

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