Bogota Graffiti Bike Tours bogota, Colombia

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Bogota Graffiti Bike Tours Bogota, Colombia

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We offer the best Bogota graffiti bike tours, guided by LOCALS through different Bogotá graffiti highlights, where you will enjoy and see the real Bogota street art, where you will visit from Historical places to Bogota´s real suburbs or slums always with the itention to get a real touch with the city.

See the social situation as well local neighborhoods where the customer will be in touch with the local people and how the graffiti express the social ideas and thoughts by local artist on the wall.

You will see the different ways to make and paint a graffiti and its censuring time.

On our Graffiti Bike tour will see the best graffitis and murals which are made by Colombians and foreigners who express their feelings about the present social situation, social troubles, colombian history and the Armed conflict of Colombia on the street walls in an artistic style.

Learn more about Armed conflict in Colombia, Bogotá´s social situation with the best Graffiti Bike tours, guided by LOCALS and excellent bicycles (GUARANTEED).

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