Boat excursion to the highest waterfall in the world bolivar, Venezuela

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Boat excursion to the highest waterfall in the world Bolívar , Venezuela

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El Salto Angel or Kerepakupai - Meru with its almost thousand meters of free fall, recognized as the highest in the world is the Letter to Venezuela as are the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru.

The Salto Angel born in the Auyantepuy, rocky mountain of the oldest on the planet, its waters fall to join the waters of the River Churún Carrao River tributary.

Conversely to the waters of the Rio Carrao sense is that we begin stellar trip to Angel Falls.

The route starts from the Puerto Ucaima, the upper Ucaima previous hike from the Canaima Lagoon for about twenty minutes.

Navigate the Carrao River in canoe (Indian canoes with outboard) where everything you need is carried such as food, fuel and baggage.

Three are the persons responsible for such a beautiful adventure, Guide, Assistant Rider and prepared and knowledgeable people of the place.

After thirty minutes drive reach Mayupa where all but the biker down from the boat to walk thirty minutes; Rider and the boat will cross the Rapids (Unleashed).

Continue drive to the Well of Happiness, a small waterfall where a natural pool formed with crystal clear water, different reddish river water, usually in this place you can swim and take the "lunch" the only cold food in the program.

We start again and pass in front of Orchid Island and immediately cease to navigate the Carrao River to navigate the Churún Rustic River to reach the Refuge located in Tooth Island.

Immediately begin a walk through the jungle for an hour each way to get to the Mirador, which is nothing more than a giant rock from where we can contemplate the Angel Falls from the top to the bottom, if the weather conditions are good walking to arrive the base and can swim in the waters falling from Salto.

We return to the Shelter where we spend the night, compared to Angel Falls.

The next day after breakfast we start back to Canaima, landing at the top of the Salto Hacha and then walk to the camp and continue with other activities scheduled according to each case.

During the four-hour trip to Angel Falls we can enjoy a show unbelievable, mixture of details that will never be forgotten; view of the tepuis, the various rapids, torrential rain and the bright sun, the winding road, skilled bikers, attentive assistants, charismatic Guides all very professional and skilled chefs specialty roast chicken wand, overnight in hammocks with mosquito net and blanket for warmth, flora, fauna, convergence of cultures, start new friendships, fraternity and many more details.

Angel Falls excursion boat can be performed smoothly during the months of May to December of each year; January to April consulted beforehand.

Duration: From and to Canaima 24 hours.

 Bernal Tours C.A. Venezuela.

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