Birdwatching, kayaking and flight adventures in Suchitoto cuscatlan, El Salvador

Suchitoto  Adventure Outfitters

Birdwatching, kayaking and flight adventures in Suchitoto Cuscatlan, El Salvador

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Suchitoto Adventure Outfitters can help organize and optimize your ideal holiday, with specially customized tours for you, one day is never enough! Give us your ideas and dreams for us is the fact we do, we will give the best Salvadoran local experience! Enjoy adventures, colors, flavors, and unique landscapes of our beautiful country. 

With extensive contacts throughout the country, we can book accommodation, transport and guide to organize your trip to the smallest detail.

With over a decade of experience guiding groups across the nation in many activities of travel adventure with an extraordinary range of possibilities. 


- Kayak Routes: Lakes, rivers, mangroves, ocean routes. 
- Cascade Hops 
- Birdwatching 
- Boat tours: Lakes & Oceans 
- Walk on Volcanoes 
- Historical War 
- Education 
 - Cultural 
- Management Holidays 
- Canopy 
- Rafting 
- Camp 
- Riding 
- Tours Coffee 
- Archaeology
- Fields of lava petrified forests 
- Market Day 
- Scenic and aerobatic flights 
- Traditional alcoholic drinks (chicha & hot water)
- Thermal. 
- Daring fire games 


Join us to play at the festival fireball Resume, or burn a bull I paint on your back! And more

 Suchitoto Adventure Outfitters.

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