Bike to the Art Walls of Curitiba curitiba, Brazil

Kuritbike - Cicloturismo Urbano

Bike to the Art Walls of Curitiba Curitiba, Brazil

KuritBike - Cicloturismo Urbano  00507843

As a cultural capital, Curitiba can be proud to have a lot of art scattered throughout its streets, parks, walls and sidewalks.

A quick tour of the center, with a closer look, can show us more than 50 artworks outdoors!

In Bike Tour Art appreciate and know some works and some history of artists like Poty Lazarotto, Rimon Guimaraes, Celestino Dimas, Gemini, Erbo Steinzel, Guilherme Caldas, John Turin, Auma, Rogério Dias, among others.

More than 60 works that move between graffiti, sculpture, photography, template, painting, intaglio, ranging from small to monumental works up to 40 x 20 meters long.
So prepare your legs, your camera and immersed in this art tour the streets of Curitiba.

 KuritBike - Cicloturismo Urbano.

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