Beginner & intermediate Outdoor Rock Climbing sucre, Bolivia

Climber Sucre

Beginner & intermediate Outdoor Rock Climbing Sucre, Bolivia

Climber Sucre  008851239

Who for? The first time climber and those who have climbed in an indoor gym once or twice but want to test their skills outside to those who really enjoy climbing and want to learn some new moves.

We head up to a crag situated on the western side of Sica Sica (that’s the mountain looking over Sucre which has a cross that lights up at night) where we have two walls next to each other. The slab which is the easier of the two walls has a mix of cracks, jugs and the occasional crimper (that’s a tiny little hold which will test your fingers and toes). The other face will have you scaling an overhang on every climb that ranges from “Oh yeah!” to “I can’t feel my fingers anymore”. Both crags are approximately 25m high and have 7 routes each. With room to mix and match routes and explore you can even make up your own and whoever ascends a route first gets to name it! With a stunning view of the city and surrounding mountains whilst enjoying the shade of the eucalyptus trees you couldn’t ask for a more picturesque location. (Tip: head down in the morning as this is west facing and gets pretty hot)

 Climber Sucre.

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