Be a pilot for a day! guatemala-city, Guatemala

Escuela De Vuelo S.a.

Be a pilot for a day! Guatemala City, Guatemala

Escuela de Vuelo S.A.  016512219

This is the perfect experience to fulfill a lifelong dream, your bucket list or someone else’s that you appreciate and love!

Take command and fly a Cessna 172 for 45 minutes at an altitud of 6,500 feet, but don’t worry, a professional pilot will always be next to you keeping you on track! Enjoy the views and this roaring experience!


  • Full Instruction and theory 
  • 45 minute flight
  • Cessna 172 aircraft
  • Bring a friend to watch and film your flying experience!  

Not included:

  • Transportation to the place (Airport La Aurora)

What to expect:

  • Take command of a Cessna 172 for 45 minutes!
  • Altitudes of 6,500 feet!
  • An unforgettable airborne experience for the books

More Info:

You’ll receive instruction on safety and procedures of the aircraft from the inspection to testing the engine before takeoff. You’ll fly a Cessna 172, the newest in its category in all of Guatemala with a 180 horsepower engine with speeds up to 250 km/h.

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 Escuela de Vuelo S.A..

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  1. Jose Garcia

    La experiencia fue muy bonita estuvo de maravilla es una exelente oportunidad y muy buena atención de parte. De todos .

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