Balloon flight over the Teotihuacán temples mexico-city, Mexico


Balloon flight over the Teotihuacán temples Mexico City, Mexico

Volare  01106214
Time to fly! For approximately 45-60 minutes live the unforgettable experience of flying over the Valley of Teotihuacan with the best views of the most visited archaeological sites of Mexico.
The adventure starts at seven o'clock when you arrive at Globopuerto, where our team is waiting to welcome you with  a complimentary coffee and cookies from our cafeteria. While the crew prepares the balloons you can see the entire procedure and take amazing  pictures. Once the balloons are ready it's time to go on this journey.
The pilot will give instructions for landing. Once we land the balloon crew will pack up and return to Globopuerto. The balloon jis guided by the wind. As we move fly the air our ground crew follows us over the ground for the whole tour.
We arrive at Globopuerto for a traditional toast of to celebrate the wonderful experience of a Hot Air Balloon Flight.
At the end the pilot gives each passenger a personalized certificate as a memory of your flight.

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