Antigua Villages Tour antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

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Antigua Villages Tour Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Enjoy this ride on two wheels for 4-5 hours with your adventurous friend as you visit and pass through several communities, going up and down the mountain sides of the Volcan de Agua. You’ll make a few stops at perfect looking points for panoramic views. They are AMAZING so bring your camera along! Enjoy a refreshment in a hammock at Earth Lodge and reeeeelax.

An adventurous experience for two! 


    • Price per person
    • Motocycle and gear
    • 5 – 5 1/2 hour tour 
    • English/French tour guide

    What to expect:

    • Feel the wind while you travel the towns of Antigua


    • 9:30 am - Delivery of vehicle
    • 10:00am - Leave Hotel/Agency head to San Antonio Aguas Calientes
    • 10:30am - Arrive at the plaza of San Antonio Aguas Calientes and go to the local museum  
    • 11:00am - Leave San Antonio Aguas Calientes and go to Ciudad Vieja
    • 11:15am - Arrive at Central Park of Ciudad Vieja and visit Cathedral
    • 11:30am - Leave Ciudad Vieja and go to Santa Maria de Jesus via San Pedro Las Huertas
    • 12:15pm - Arrive at Santa Maria de Jesus
    • 1:00pm - Leave Santa Maria de Jesus and go to Earth Lodge at El Hato
    • 1:40pm - Arrive at Earth Lodge  
    • 3:00pm - Leave Earth Lodge head to El Cerro de La Cruz
    • 3:15pm - Arrive at Cerro de La Cruz
    • 3:30pm - Leave Cerro de la Cruz towards starting point
    • 3:45pm - End of Tour

    More Info:

    • Minimum 2 people


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