Anita Divers takes you on the best Dive Trips cozumel, Mexico

Anita Divers

Anita Divers takes you on the best Dive Trips Cozumel, Mexico

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A tipical day of diving on the Anita start at around 9 am at the marina la Caleta (next to the hotel El Presidente). We go out at 9 am and we pick up people that are south of the marina la Caleta at the pier of there hotel or closed to it.Then we proceed to go to our first dive site of the day,by the time we get to our first dive site we will have help you to prepare your self and learn every aspec of the first dive of the day.

We have a surface interval of 90 minutes between the 2 dives of the day,it give us plenty of bottom time for the second dive.

The Anita (our boat) is a 42 feets cruise closed cabine with a double decks and enough space for 30 peoples,we only accept a maximum of 20 peoples incluiding the crew witch make it very comfortable even at full capacity. We have toilet,fresh water and food for the day.

We got on board new regulated safety vest in case of emergency,100% oxygen 80cf tank and first aid kit. The Anita is equipt with all the safety mesure regulated by law.
Basicaly our boat the Anita is a very steady comfortable boat with all that you need for a very pleasant day on the magnificent water of Cozumel.

 Anita Divers.

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