An ecological hotel to get away from the city life guatemala-city, Guatemala

Santuario Natural El Tular

An ecological hotel to get away from the city life Guatemala City, Guatemala

Santuario Natural El Tular  014981838

The Nature Sanctuary El Tular is a private club located 26 kilometers from Guatemala City, in San Jose Pinula. Offers its members the opportunity to enjoy a place where you can enjoy nature, close to the city, in a quiet and safe environment.

We have 6 rooms, which can sleep up to 21 people, and 4 double tents. We have a bar and restaurant. There is a cold pool and maya sauna or temazcal.

It is excellent for watching birds and other local wildlife, recognition of orchids and stargazing. Ideal for family reunions, retreats, workshops, youth camps, practices yoga, for athletes, and intimate celebrations.

It is ideal to learn about ecological processes, forest conservation, water management, principles of agroecology, sustainable architecture, and food and healthy food, among others.

In our mountain trails you can walk, run and ride a bike. We have some ramps adaptable jumps of varying difficulty. You can also climb trees and archery and blowgun for beginners.

 Santuario Natural El Tular.

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