An ATV off-road adventure puerto-vallarta, Mexico

Atvs Kukulcan

An ATV off-road adventure Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

ATVS Kukulcan  01056324

We go up the mountain to a hidden bar in the jungle, to then ride down to the Cuale River. After that we take a break and cool down for 40min - 1hour. We move on to the Moros Paradise,  to stop for FREE Tequila tasting and get a bite to eat a restaurant (food not included). We then make our way back to the shop.

We use Yamaha and Honda A-grade ATVs. 

Our Expereinced & trained tour guides are locals and know the winds and bumps of the jungle roads better than their own homes. They love being out in the wild and will make sure you have the same thrill from your ATV activities in Puerto Vallarta. Our roads have been meticulously studied and modified for safe transit of our ATV's and other vehicles. 


 ATVS Kukulcan.

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