AeroTours in Costa Rica san-jose, Costa Rica

Aerotour Costa Rica

AeroTours in Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica

Aerotour Costa Rica  00221631

We know that time is essential under certain circumstances. We can help you with our helicopters and airplanes: whether it is a business issue, a medical emergency flight or a recreational and pleasure flight.

Among our supplementary services we offer:

  • Aerial filming and photographs (movies, TV, advertising agencies)
  • Aerial survey, real state, mapping and urban planning
  • Aerial advertising
  • External load
  • Medical transfers
  • Rescue
  • Consultancy
  • Aircraft management
  • Aircraft maintenance (we have our own body shop and service maintenance program certified by Costa Rican and U.S aeronautic authorities)
  • Heliports Construction Consultancy

Our aircrafts and pilots are trained to fly at night and under reduced vision and high cloudiness conditions. Besides, we have state-of-the-art satellite navigation (G.P.S), which provides more safety and the possibility of reducing distances by allowing long, direct flights.

 Aerotour Costa Rica.

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