Adventures,tours and workshops in an ecological park san-salvador, El Salvador

Parque De Aventuras

Adventures,tours and workshops in an ecological park San Salvador, El Salvador

Parque de Aventuras  00208109

It is a great place where we prepared the most entertaining activities and workshops for those who visit us an unforgettable experience in a beautiful place surrounded by pure air. Adventure park is the ideal place to celebrate any occasion: birthdays, weddings, first communions, baptisms, trainings, seminars, retreats and any time you want to become unforgettable. 

We seek to become the leading choice of comprehensive ecological project, healthy recreation for the entire family and friends in a natural and safe environment; Visitor awakening in environmental awareness to sensitize and commit to living in harmony with nature.

In Adventure Park you can have fun in closed circuits containing canopys , bridges , walls climbers ; where you can discover your limits and take your adrenaline pumping . Our games meet all safety standards and use special equipment for your peace of mind .

Entertainment options Adventure Park:

Ecological Trail : A journey through a route that takes us through different parts of the farm and the children will have the opportunity to meet different kinds of trees, plants and shrubs. $ 3.00 per child or adult.

Cafetalito : A small tour for Cafetalito , where the child can learn about the history of coffee , its forms and times of fertilization and its importance in the economy of our country. End the tour with a video and a game about growing coffee . Adult $ 1.50 per child. (Please make an appointment ) .

Horse Riding : There are short walks guided by an adult to a part of the farm. Adult $ 4.00 per child.

Circuit canopies , walkways and stair climbing walls and spider webs : It is a circuit of 10 different games ( suspension bridges , stair climbing walls and canopies ) , in which the children enjoy trees and bushes and come into contact with nature, surrounded by trees and fresh air. $ 7.00 for adult child .

Mini Golf : 18 holes for fun learning in a mini ecological golf course with a variety of plants and flowers. $ 5.00

Pendulum: Put your adrenaline pumping with the super pendulum. $ 5.00 per child or adult .

Pet Zoo: An educational small farm where children can share with animals and feed , is directed by Dr. Gabriela Cea , who conveys to children general knowledge of each animal. $ 3.00 per child or adult.

Games Fair: 7 different games are fair : clown, frogs , shooting , fishing, ducks , bowling, miniature golf . You can test your different skills of throwing, marksmanship, engage etc . And while winning many awards .


We camp most prestigious in the country , offering parents a comprehensive choice of healthy entertainment for your kids on vacation, while we promote the child's approach to nature and awareness of the environment . In any of the three clubs can register for all three camps. Download the registration form HERE

 Parque de Aventuras.

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