A Tropical Weekend Getaway monterrico, Guatemala

Johnny's Place

A Tropical Weekend Getaway Monterrico, Guatemala

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Johnny's place goes back to 1988 when a German pioneer named John Luttman decided to build a few guest houses on the Monterrico beach. Originally built for friends and family, it quickly became Johnny's Place Hotel due to the numerous demands from visitors from all over the world. 

We are in the heart of Monterrico, which was once originally a small fishing village. It is now a nature reserve which attracts many weekenders from the capital and antigua, also brings together more and more tourists who are visiting Guatemala each year. You will find an impressive beach full of fine volcanic sand and a maze of lagoons and mangroves with a great wildlife. Eco-tourism and beach activities are our main attractions.

We are located on one of the nicest beaches in Guatemala, between the Chiquimulilla lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. The charm and laid back atmosphere is what has made us the most popular spot on the beach. Ideal for family retreats or party's with friends.

We have happy hour, beach football and volleyball available all day until sunset. For those with a big appetite we have a delicious cuisine using fresh and local products and we serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

 Johnny's Place .

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