A Tour to a Lost City santa-marta, Colombia


A Tour to a Lost City Santa Marta, Colombia

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About 1,000 years ago in the lost city, some of these settlements grew in size and archetectural complexity, and formed, as Teyuna, a regional center. 
At the park you can appreciate more than 200 stone structures such as roads, stairs, canals, houses, storage areas, plazas and ceremonial buildings. Teyuna was inhabited for centuries before the arrival of the Spanish, until about 400 years ago, when the Tayrona abandoned it due to pressure from the Europeans. 
Most popular areas: 
  • Natural pools
  • Tropical Rain Forest
  • Mutanyi (kogi ethnicity)
  • The Lost City of Tayrona
Tayuna is a sacred place for the indigenous ethnic, remember to respect the past and the customs of the people. 


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