A thrilling day of Canyoning at the Sacred Valley cusco, Peru

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A thrilling day of Canyoning at the Sacred Valley Cusco, Peru

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Canyoning has become very popular with extreme sport fans all over the world. This sport has been practiced in Europe for many years and recently has extended to the Americas. Canyoning is specifically practiced in the natural geographic setting of canyons.

The canyon that we explore in our Canyoning tour is located in Qorao Canyon. Our course guarantees you a memorable, safe, and thrilling day of Canyoning as we rappel down waterfalls, and enjoy the unique, natural beauty of this country.

 We begin the Canyoning tour with an introduction of our guides and the equipment to help familiarize you with the different uses of the equipment. We start the tour at the first waterfall where a guide will give a speech on safety. The guide will explain the course and the equipment making sure you know the necessary mechanisms and procedures for canyoning, ensuring you a safe and fun experience. After this, you are off...rappelling in waterfalls, cliff diving, etc  - all giving you an unforgettable adrenaline rush!
This tour takes approximately 3 to 4 hours. We provide our canyoners with specialized equipment and a splash jacket for this tour. It is important to bring extra clothes and shoes to change into at the end of the trip.

 Activities Peru.

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