A taste of Mexico in Viña del Mar and Santiago vina-del-mar, Chile

Hot Chili Peppers A Mexican Restaurant & Bar

A taste of Mexico in Viña del Mar and Santiago Viña del Mar, Chile

Hot Chili Peppers a Mexican Restaurant & Bar  006751005

Try our Caribbean Fajita:

Chicken, beef and shrimp on vegetables sautéed with pineapple, banana and mango sauce, all accompanied by four dressings and tortillas.

A new and different type of food, spiced with the amazing variety of new Mexico chili, is the essence of our restaurant.

En Hot Chili Peppers we have specialized to offer you a daily full menu of Mexican-American dishes, where the best of all is its huge variety of ingredients and dressings.

This is our hallmark and it is why every week we have for you a new dish, a new flavor, to surprise the connoisseurs and the demanding gourmet, in Santiago and Viña del Mar.

 Hot Chili Peppers a Mexican Restaurant & Bar.

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  1. hot chili peppers restaurant

    exelente calidad y barato.

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