A night at the Milongas, the authentic Argentine Tango Clubs buenos-aires, Argentina

Milonga City

A night at the Milongas, the authentic Argentine Tango Clubs Buenos Aires, Argentina

Milonga City  00312694
Milonga Nights
Data of the service:

To and from the hotel in cars (provision of the passengers) (exit after 10pm)

Entry to salon (Group Class)
Prior the Milonga (according to day and Milonga)

Exclusive and personalized support along all night. Minimum 2 people

In Buenos Aires there are a lot of places where you can see tango shows from traditional to modern ones.

There are also a lot of “Milongas” where “porteños” gather to dance tango every days. But there are only a few Milongas that keep the essence of the dances of the 30’s and 40’s, the golden epoch of the Milongas, in which the respect for the codes and ceremonies, the elegance in the way of walking around the dance floor or how to invite a lady to dance, remain unchanged.

At evening, away from tourist sites, we go towards these Milongas, where the best “milongueros” dancers of the world shine, in the neighborhoods to live the experience of Tango.

 Milonga City.

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