A luxury experience Designed Especially For You guatemala-city, Guatemala

Grand Tikal Futura Hotel

A luxury experience Designed Especially For You Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Inaugurated on November 1, 1996 under the direction of Hyatt Internacional®, The June 30, 2001 started as Grand Tikal Futura Hotel.
Grand Tikal Futura Hotel is a five-star hotel located just minutes from "La Aurora" International Airport in the area of ​​greatest commercial and industrial development of the City of Guatemala. The Hotel is part of the Tikal Futura Complex which includes 18,000 m2 of office space, located in the Torres Sol y Luna nineteen levels for offices and four lifts.
The Shopping Center with 200 stores as much divided into five different worlds: children, home, fashion, sport, electronics.
Planet Maya has eighteen bowling alleys, house of terror, electronic games, Gotcha, cinema, theater. We have three Auditoriums (Cancuén, Ceibal, Bay), where they may be carried out corporate activities, training, conferences, master classes, among others. The facilities with which account allow participants are located conveniently located and modern facilities, today a professional needs.

 Grand Tikal Futura Hotel.

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