A Beautiful Hotel right on the edge of Lake Petén Itzá peten, Guatemala

Bolontiku Hotel Boutique

A Beautiful Hotel right on the edge of Lake Petén Itzá Peten, Guatemala

Bolontiku Hotel Boutique  00022440

Welcome to paradise. Welcome to Bolontiku. Here you will forget time and will live in the moment!

Sanctuary of the nine Mayan gods, rest area for deities, lords of time and destiny; such were the names that the ancient Mayans gave to Bolontiku, an assembly of nine gods who offered counsel and guidance to whom looked for them. This is written in the glyphs of Bolontiku, a temple located in the archaeological site of Tikal, Guatemala.  Bolontiku is a piece of history frozen in time, in the heart of the Guatemalan forest. The dreams of a whole civilization came from this place.

Today a five-star hotel, also called Bolontiku, arises on the shore of Lake Petén Itzá and blends ecologically with the forest. It offers a perfect communion between nature and contemporary comfort, bringing the Mayan mysticism to modern life in an environment especially made for your senses in order to give you the opportunity to enter in touch with your more natural side and let the Mayan deities guide you to a serene suite on the shore of a beautiful lake.


 Bolontiku Hotel Boutique.

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